Fireball XL5 ITC 1963

                This was the last of the Gerry Anderson series to be made in black and white. It concerned the adventures of Steve Zodiac and the crew of Fireball XL5, who each week would in half an hour encounter various strange aliens and threats to the earth. Fireball XL5 was one of a fleet of spacecraft used by the world space patrol. Each week Commander Zero, from his headquarters at Space City would send Steve on his missions. Steve’s crew was made up of a Lady Doctor, Venus, who also provided Steve’s love interest,(do they allow that in kid’s shows?) Professor Matt Matic, the science officer, the co-pilot was Robert the Robot and the last member of the crew was Venus’s pet Lazoon, (A kind of space Monkey) Zoonie.

                39 half hour episodes were made with the series first being broadcast in March of 1963.

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