Return of the Saint The Saints Jaguar XJS sonic control (R)

The Saints Sonic Control Jaguar XJS              Corgi Toys   1978

Corgi seems to have had the sole concession on Saint Jaguars in 1978 this being the third version to be issued by them that year. This is a large plastic battery operated model, that changes direction of travel in response to the clicking of a small plastic gun also included in the box.  The car is white with once again the St logo on the bonnet, and number plates ST 1.

This is a great model of the Jaguar, but the means of control is a little a dodgey to say the least. One last thing to mention the model shown on the box photo, is presumably the prototype model as it shows several differences to the finished model that was sold.

Two versions of this issued both are identical in every thing except one contains a black plastic gun, the other issue contains a red plastic gun.