Space 1999 ITC 1975-77

Mid 1970’s live action Gerry Anderson series. Aparently according to some interviews Anderson had originally intented to make a second series of U.F.O. with an expanded Moonbase etc., but when this fell through, it was developed out to become this, Space 1999.

By the year 1999 the earth is now using the moon to dispose of all of it’s nuclear waste. Transport ships regularly taking waste up and disposing of it in special sites upon the moon. This is all monitored from Moonbase command . Husband and wife team of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain played John Koenig and Dr Russell who are in charge after a freak accident ignites the waste causing the moon to be blown out of orbit and into the far reaches of space.

The series lasted for two seasons and a total of 48 episodes following their continued adventures as they encounter various alien life forms and other planets.
The first season featured veteran actor Barry Morse (best know as Lt Gerard in the Fugitive) as Professor Bergman, who for no explained reason disappears between the first and second years of the show. The second season saw the introduction of the shape shifting alien Maya played by Catherine Schell.