Tomorrow People, The. 1973 – 1979 Thames Television.

This British children’s television show was created by Roger Price and was broadcast on the ITV network in the UK, throughout the nineteen seventies. The shows premise was that of the emergence of the next stage in human evolution or homo superior. Whereby apparently normal children born to human parents would at some point between childhood and adolescence, develop paranormal abilities. This was known as “breaking out” in the series and the abilities could manifest themselves in a number of different forms, such as telepathy, telekinesis or teleportation.

Colloquially known as Tomorrow people, they operated out of a secret base in a disused underground station in London, known as the lab.

The original four Tomorrow people were John Played by Nicholas Young, Carol (Sammie Winmill), Kenny (Stephen Salmon) and Stephen Jameson (Peter Vaughan-Clarke). John was the leader, and the first Tomorrow person to “break out”, he therefor had had no guidance through the process. He had built the lab and a biological computer, known as TIM, which he had done with the aid of the Galactic Council. Some sort of “Galactic Federation” which oversees the welfare of telepathic species throughout the galaxy.

Generally working in secret for fear of victimisation, or fear of being exploited, they look out for new Tomorrow People, who are in the process of “breaking out” and help them through the process. Sometimes they would deal with dangers from alien species, or more regular earthbound dangers.

The series has twice been remade once in the UK in the mid-nineties, and currently (2014) an American TV remake is being broadcast.