The Avengers and New Avengers Collectables by John Buss


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Brand New book on collectables relating to the classic  British TV series the Avengers.  Any copies of this book purchased from this site can be personally autographed by the author.

What can be said about what is probably the fantasy adventure series of the sixties?

Beginning in 1961, the series ran until 1969. Most items of Avengers merchandise were issued in a two-year period, 1966 1967, coinciding with the show s most popular team up of John Steed and Emma Peel.

This is a series that continues to influence even today. Cathy Gale and Emma Peel were the first in a long line of emancipated heroines with Influences being seen in many modern series, including Marvel s Black Widow. Steed returned to our screens, in 1976, a little older, but still losing none of his debonair style, joined by two new, younger companions, Purdy and Gambit.

Merchandising for this follow up series was just as prolific as it had been for the original show. Both are covered within this volume.