Batman Action Figure Mego


Mego 1978

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12″ Tall Magnetic Batman action Figure Mego 1978. Very rare loose action figure. Figure is naked, though it does still have it’s plastic boot tops, all joints move nicely, magnets in hands and feet are present. Some scuffing to figure. White spot on back of head. Good to very good condition for a loose figure.

After substantial success with their 8″ line of action figures, Mego started to go the “foot tall” route with some of their action figure lines. Superheroes were at the top of Mego’s list for 12 inch figures

This particular 12″ figure is somewhat unique, in that, it has magnets in its hands and feet. This makes it difficult for the figure to stand on it’s own but allows for some fun play on the family fridge and what-not. Mego also produced a Robin with magnets, as well.

An interesting thing about this figure is the head sculpt. It has a very determined, grim facial expression that wasn’t common to Batman figures from the 1970s. Most toys depicted him to be much more mild-mannered and friendly. This is not a Batman you want to mess around with…