Adventurer, The. ITC Entertainment 1972 – 1973

This short lived and little know (if you’ve seen it you’ll understand why) action / adventure series, starring Gene Barry, was created by Dennis Spooner and premiered in the UK on 29 September 1972. This is yet another unsuccessful British show that shows up the folly of trying to pander to an American audience, shot on 16mm film and aimed at a primetime audience, it just died in the water. The series limped to 24 half-hour episodes. (Well 25min episodes)

Barry starred as Gene Bradley, an American movie star, who just happened to also be a government agent. He normally received his assignments from Mr Parminter (Barry Morse). Catherine Schell appeared in 11 episodes as Diane, his contact within the agency. The series was originally intended to also star Stuart Damon as Vince Elliot, but in the end, after behind the scenes rankles he ended up only appearing briefly in two episodes. The series title music was provided by John Barry.