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Sir Lancelot Board Game

A board game was produced in the USA by Lisbeth Whiting Co. in 1957. The box lid also featured a ‘film strip’ of photographs from the series down the lids’ righthand side. This incredibly rare game was issued in the UK by Bell games in 1959, appearing to have had all references to the TV series removed, it is instead just produced as a generic Sir Lancelot game. The box lid for the UK version carries the same artwork, as does the playing board, but the strip of photographs has now been removed, replaced by an illustration of Camelot, and Sir Lancelot’s shield.

The UK Edition of the Game.


   A couple of different versions of the Sir Frances Drake theme were put out as singles. The first released in 1961, was by Ivor Slaney and his Orchestra on HMV (45-POP 943). The B side was a Slaney composed track called Midsummer madness.

   The second was on the Piccadilly label in 1961 (7N.35013) was by the Piccadilly Strings and featured the theme for the series Our House as the reverse.

Sword of Freedom TV Picture stories comics

   Very little in the way of merchandise appeared for Sword of Freedom, the only directly related products that appear to have been produced for the series, are four small comic books from the publishers Pearson, in their TV Picture Stories series of comics. The first of which was, Sword of Freedom: Vendetta, which appeared in February of 1959. March 1959 saw the next two titles, Sword of Freedom: Adriana and Sword of Freedom: Violetta. While the fourth and last title released Sword of Freedom: The Assassin appeared in June 1959. These four titles are all based on episodes of the TV series, having been adapted into comic book form.

Buccaneers TV picture Library

   The firm Pearson published several digest sized comics in its TV Picture Stories series. The first of those based on The Buccaneers was The Buccaneers: The Wasp which appeared in February of 1959. This was followed in March with The Buccaneers: The Gunpowder Plot. One more comic based on the series was published by Pearson in 1960. This was entitled The Buccaneers: Dead Man’s rock, which was published in Pearson’s larger American comic book size title TV Photo stories. As with all of the other Pearson titles these stories appear to have been based upon episodes of the same name within the television series.

Buccaneers Comic Book

   The publishing company Dell produced a comic based on the series in 1957, as no 800 in their four colour comic series. This featured a full length story Captain Dan Tempest. World Distributors Ltd. in the UK, under licence republished this comic as no 33 in their Movie Classic line the same year. This one shot comic adapts the first three episodes of the series abide altering the order slightly starting with the shows third episode, then recounting the earlier events as a flashback. 

Buccaneers sling Darts

   Transogram was also responsible for a “The Buccaneers Sling Dart Game”. This consisted of a target depicting four ships around a treasure chest, which could either be hung up or positioned with a stand, three suction tipped darts and a catapult or slingshot with which to fire the darts. This was sold in a bag with a header card and the target was produced from a  printed piece of hardboard, given the fancy name, ‘Masonite’. What was effectively the same toy was also sold by Transogram as The Buccaneers Sling Darts. The primary difference being the target was now formed from the cardboard backing board that the darts were sold on. This cardboard target depicted a single ship.

Buccaneers Board Game

   The American toy company Transogram, produced The Buccaneers board game in 1957. This game for up to 6 players featured a colourful board depicting the high seas with several islands and promoted itself as ‘a sea-faring game of adventure’.

Sir Lancelot Dutch Pins

   In the Netherlands, a popular give away with groceries, were small metal pins, almost like a tiepin which featured various different images. Three different coloured metal pins were produced featuring an image of William Russell as Sir Lancelot. A white plastic pin also appeared bearing an image of Sir Lancelot.

Sir Lancelot and Brian Comic, USA and British Issues

   In the USA the Dell publishing group as part of their Dell Four Color Comic series published Sir Lancelot and Brian in 1957. The cover featuring images from the series and two stories are contained, The Knight of the Red plume and The Ferocious Fathers. The original cover price was 10cents, but at some point it was republished with the cover price having risen to 15cents. This title was republished in the UK by World Distributors Ltd as No 27 in their ‘A Movie classic’ series of comics priced at 1/-.

Sir Lancelot TV Guides

   The Adventures of Sir Lancelot featured on the cover of the St Louis Post – Dispatch TV Magazine for November 11, 1956. A short feature on both the actor and new series appeared within.

   The Sunday Star TeleVue Tv listings magazine in the Washington DC region of the USA also featured William Russell in his role of Sir Lancelot on the front cover of their magazine, dated December 9 -15, 1956 and it also included a small feature on William Russell.

Dutch Paperback

   In the Netherlands the firm of Topaas Reeks published a paperback book based on the series in 1964, as they had done for Robin Hood. The book contained six short stories and as well as the photographic cover, it also had black and white photographs from the series contained within its centre.

Sir Lancelot Postcard Dutch

   Several postcards of scenes from the series were produced in the Netherlands. The cards are photographic and both colour and black and white cards were produced for the series card. The colour cards have the appearance of having been black and white images that have been over-coloured. Some, though not all, bear the name Gebr. Spanjersberg N.V., Rotterdam, while the black and white postcards are marked Filmpers P.O.B.521, Amsterdam. 

Sherlock BBC TV 2010 –

Modern updating and retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories.


Music from Emmerdale Farm Church

This has to be almost one of the oddest tie-ins to a TV series to have been encountered. An LP of music from Emmerdale’s Church. It doesn’t appear to feature any of the cast, from Emmerdale Farm, and is quite simply an album of hymns from the church. It appears to have been a charity release.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Kingsman : The Golden Circle (2017)
Second film in the series.


Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

First film in the series, introduces the ‘Kingsman’ organisation and new recruit ‘Eggsy’.


Kingsman, The

Successful series of spy movies based on a series of Graphic novels. 


Radio Times 1963 Jan 12 – 18

BBC TV Listings magazine for Jan 12 – 18th 1963. Contains listing for many classic TV shows of the period.
This issue contains:
Two page Z cars text story.
Features on Steptoe & son, The Rag Trade, Lance Percival(TW3), Patrick Troughton (Pre-Dr Who).
Listings include: Z Cars, Steptoe & Son, Perry Mason, The Rag Trade, Compact,TW3, Dixon of Dock Green, Laramie, The lucy Show (Lucile Ball), Blue Peter.

Adventures of Sir Lancelot No 2

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot No 2. A second hardback storybook based on the series the Adventures of Sir Lancelot appeared in 1958. This was once again published by Adprint. While once again this book had a photo cover, (This time also having a dust jacket of the same design), it does not contain photographs, instead it was illustrated throughout by R.S.Embleton, while the stories were adapted from the series by Arthur Groom.

Book Matches

This is a small subsection showing many of the promotional Book-matches that appear to have been produced, for the most part by ABC TV in the midlands but a few are from other companies. These were purely promotional items within the business and at Christmas parties for agents and producers you would find a tray of these on the bar or tables at the event. A different selection of them being produced each year.

There are several different styles to the ABC match-books depending on which year they were produced for.

The earliest style features photograph from the series the writing in black next to or below the photograph. Studio logo is on rear cover. This type seems to be from around 1961.


 The second style has with text in white over top of photograph, once again studio logo is on rear, these appear to be from 1962


The third type the photograph wraps the entire way around the matchbook and details about the show are printed on inside of the match-book. These look to be from around 1964. It is quite possible that the red striped ones and the black striped ones are from different years so this style is both the 1963 and 1964 style but which colour denotes which year has not yet been determined.

With the fourth style, the match-books are narrower closer to being almost square as opposed to the earlier wider oblong match-books. These go back to the photograph being on the front cover with the studio logo on the back, with text written inside. These appear to be from around 1965.

A fifth style very similar to the previous one appears for around 1966. This time the photograph appears framed almost like a TV screen other details remain the same.


These are the only styles of ABC Television match-books to have been encountered so far. The collection does also contain a few other TV-related match-books as well which are not from ABC television.

TV Tornado Comic No 36 Mysterons Cover

1960’s children’s comic. Features both text and strip stories relating to many classic TV series of the period.

Issue 36 September 16th, 1967.
Featured in this issue:

The Green Hornet “Horror in Wax”
The Saint in “The Death Maker”
Man from U.N.C.L.E. in “The Solid lake Affair”
The Mysterons (From Captain Scarlet)
The Lone Ranger “The Lone Ranger’s Mask” pt5 Unmasked
Tarzan “Jungle Terror”.
Original Price 6d

Z Cars Board Game

Board Game Issued by Waddington’s games around 1970. Quality of this game compared to other games by this firm is very poor and cheep. Also game appears to be unlicensed with references to the TV series being limited to a biography of the shows writers inside the box lid. A fine example of how to tie a product to a particular TV show without having to pay any licensing fees. 

Dalek Jigsaw Thomas Hope and Sanky

A 1960’s issued Dalek Jigsaw puzzle produced by Thomas Hope and Sanky. One from a set of puzzles issued by this firm around 1966. Great puzzle sadly original box has long since vanish, how this has survived complete without its box is a mystery to me, when so many puzzles of this age that have their boxes are incomplete.


Army Game theme Single HMV

Theme single issued on the HMV label in 1958. Recording features Michael Medwin, Bernard Bresslaw, Alfie Bass and Leslie Fyson with Orchestra conducted by Frank Cordell .

HMV 45POP490
A Side) The Army Game
B Side) What do we do in the Army

The Army Game Jigsaw “The Shower Bath”

Army Game Jigsaw.
One out of a set of four jigsaws issued by Berwick.
This one is entitled Danger – Men at work.
Puzzles are approx. 17 inches by 11 inches in size and contain 320 pieces.
The other puzzles in the series were:
Danger – Men at Work
The Zoo Race
Shower Skiffle Five.
Original Price 2/6d


1965 Television Show Book

Annual sized book contains features and photographs of TV shows around at the time.

Dr Kildare
Burke’s Law
The Beatles
Danger Man
Beverly Hillbillies
The Fugitive
Z Cars
No Hiding Place
Ben Casey
Suger Foot
The Dakotas
The Saint
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Gideon’s Way
Emergency Ward 10
Coronation Street
The Human Jungle
77 Sunset Strip
Route 66
The Avengers

Enter the Saint USA Paperback

During the 1960’s several of the Saint books were reissued in America, with photo covers from the Roger Moore TV series, by the Fiction Publishing Company.

This one is Enter the Saint.

Photo cover edition Original Price $0.50

Sea Hunt 1958-1961

America TV series staring Lloyd Bridges as former United States Navy frogman Mike Nelson. The series ran for 155 over 4 seasons.


Carry On Movies

Classic British comedy series that spawned 31 movies (as well as a TV series, several Christmas specials and a stage show)

The Films:
1) Carry On Sergeant (1958) (black and white)

2) Carry On Nurse (1959) (black and white)

3) Carry On Teacher (1959) (black and white)

4) Carry On Constable (1960) (black and white)


5) Carry On Regardless (1961) (black and white)

6) Carry On Cruising (1962)

7) Carry On Cabby (1963) (black and white)

8) Carry On Jack (1963)

9) Carry On Spying (1964) (black and white)


10) Carry On Cleo (1964)

11) Carry On Cowboy (1965)


12) Carry On Screaming! (1966)


13) Carry On Don’t Lose Your Head (1966)

14) Carry On Follow That Camel (1967)


15) Carry On Doctor (1967)


16) Carry On Up the Khyber (1968)


17) Carry On Camping (1969)

18) Carry On Again Doctor (1969)

19) Carry On Up the Jungle (1970)

20) Carry On Loving (1970)

21) Carry On Henry (1971)


22) Carry On at Your Convenience (1971)

23) Carry On Matron (1972)

24) Carry On Abroad (1972)

25) Carry On Girls (1973)

26) Carry On Dick (1974)

27) Carry On Behind (1975)

28) Carry On England (1976)

29) That’s Carry On! (1977)

30) Carry On Emmannuelle (1978)

31) Carry On Columbus (1992)

Other Carry On productions.
Carry On London Stage show.


General Carry on related items:

TV Express Comic No 376 Jan 13th 1962 Last Issue

TV Express Comic No 376 Dated January 13th 1962.

This the last issue of this title before it merged into TV Comic the following week.

This issue contains:  Col Pinto’s Wartime Notebook a comic strip based on Pinto’s wartime exploits as also featured in BBC TV’s Spycatcher TV series of around the same time. 

A two page Danger Man text story by Henry Lewis.

Alfie and Bill, a strip story featuring the actors from Bootsie and Snudge.

Biggles Air Police news, as well as a full colour comic strip featuring the hero.

No Hiding Place comic strip story.

Full page piece about merging with TV Comic features photograph of Supercar.

Around the World with Alan Wicker full page feature.

Original Price Per issue  4 1/2d


Biggles – Grenada TV 1960

Very short-lived TV series following the adventures of Sgt James Bigglesworth of the Special Air police, known to all as Biggles. 

The series was based on the Biggles adventures written by Capt W E Johns, and ran for 44 black and white half-hour episodes during 1960. Biggles was played by Neville Whiting and he was supported in his endeavors by John Leyton as Ginger and David Drummond as Bertie. The main adversary for Biggles throughout the series was Von Stalhein played by Carl Duering.

Each of the episodes supposedly featured a real instances of flying. Director Matthew Boddy had also apparently decided that all of the actors should have flying lessons. Indeed the actor David Drummond told of one such lesson,  David had taken the second pilots seat during the lesson with John Leyton in the rear, when it came for David to take over the controls from the instructor, he was instructed “Don’t go up.” but he did if fact go up, so sharply in fact that upon landing John was green as due to the sharpness of the climb he had thought they were going to loop the loop.

Now in the original Biggles books there was a fourth member of the team Algy, this character did not however make it into the series as early on, as according to David Drummond, there were discussions and budget did not stretch to a fourth team member, the roles of Bertie and Algy were there for combined.

The series ran from the 1st of April 1960 until 12th October 1960, and the 44 episodes consisted of 11 multi-part stories, which appear from the titles to have been adapted from several of the original Biggles books. “Biggles flies North”, “Biggles Follows On”, Biggles takes Charge” etc.  

By all accounts the series was aimed at a younger audience, with each episode containing plenty of action and excitement, each episode also apparently ended with a cliff hanger inviting the viewer to tune in the following week.   

During the run of the series, the youngest cast member, John Leyton, had received a lot of fan mail, and it was suggested to Leyton that he might try his luck as a pop singer because he had the looks. Chart success came very quickly with his second single “Johnny, Remember Me”, becoming a huge hit.

Several big names appeared in the series in supporting roles among them Oliver Reed and Terrence Alexander. Reed playing Gus Norman in the first story “Biggles on the Home Front”. While Dad’s Army regular John Laurie appeared in the adventure “Biggles Flies North”. 

The series was written by Tony Warren who would go onto create Coronation Street, whilst the series composer, Tony Spier, would also write the theme music for that later series.

Sadly not much other information is available about this series and a planned DVD release by Network was canceled due to a possible new version being in the early stages of pre-production. 

Only items known to be relating to the Grenada TV series are included here.



Biggles Air Police Badge

This is a small blue plastic badge which was a mail in premium from Quaker Oats in 1960. Originally it came with a letter from Biggles and a secret decoder. You could also send in for a model kit of his aircraft.

Invisible Man, The. 1975-1976 Universal / NBC

Very short lived American TV series inspired by the H.G. Wells novel, starring David McCallum, one of the stars from sixties hit series the Man from U.N.C.L.E.. The series lasted only 12 episodes along with the TV movie pilot episode. A fairly common practice in the early seventies was to make these effectively back door pilots for TV series , which basically meant making a feature length TV movie, which if it proved successful enough would pave the way for a full series.

This pilot movie had McCullum starring as Dr Daniel Westin , who while working for the Klae Corporation, in the field of molecular disintegration for medical purposes, discovers a side effect of the process is that things can be turned invisible only to reappear a few hours later. Westin obsessed with his work turns himself invisible, in part to prove that a human can survive the process, and also to test a serum he has developed to reverse the invisibility.
Upon showing his discoveries to Walter Carlson, he discovers that funding has come from military sources. To prevent military usage of his invention, Westin then attempts to destroy his research and all the equipment, but not before becoming invisible in order for him to make his escape. Westin briefly becomes visible after his escape only to find that the process is unstable, when he turn invisible and is unable use the serum to reverse this. A friend is able to help him by creating a face mask and gloves from a special material called Dermaplex, that has the same properties as human skin. By the conclusion of the pilot, the process’ lack of stability renders it effectively useless for commercial or military applications, and the Klae Corporation is persuaded to re-employ him in his research capacity despite his condition. The following series then saw Daniel seeking to perfect his work and at the same time find a cure for his invisibility.



The Invisible Man by Michael Jahn. American paperback adaptation of the pilot episode of the NBC / Universal Tv series starring David McCallum.

Published by Fawcett Publications Inc. in 1975

Original Price $1.25