Hadleigh Yorkshire TV 1969-76

A spin off series from Gazette (Yorkshire TV 1968) it revolved around James Hadleigh (Gerald Harper) , a dashing handsome young(ish) landowner whose exploits around his Yorkshire estate kept us entertained from 1969 to 1976.

Suave , sophisticated and very charming, James Hadleigh seemed to have it all, and more.

Series One sees him engaged to young and ambitious journalist Susan Jackson (Gillian Wray) Series Two sees Hadleigh befriend divorced mother Anne Hepton (Jane Merrow) the episode “A Letter to David” sees a rather cruel parody of highly respected educational theorist A.S. Neill (who was still alive at the time), played by Richard Pearson.

Series Three sees Hadleigh fall in love and marry Jennifer Caldwell (Hilary Dwyer) a slightly fiery young lady of independent means. She brings conflict to the Hadleigh household and in particular with Butler Sutton. Commentaries on the DVD Episodes and the Documentary “The Lonely Man On The Hill” suggest that Dwyer was somewhat fiery and all was not peace and love between the co stars.

Series Four sees James Hadleigh fighting for his financial life. The 1975 Stock market crash leaves him broke and he tries everything to survive. This series was seen as the best by many and the female main character is Jenny Twigge – Goddaughter to the soon to be divorced Hadleigh  (Hilary Dwyer did not return for Series Four) . Despite its merits, series four lost the feeling of escapism, you tuned in to get away from stories of financial woes only to find them in place of said escapism.

Still this was good old school drama. One of Yorkshire TV’s finest.