Stingray ITC 1964-65

“Stand by for Action! Anything can happen in the next half hour”. So opened each episode of Stingray, the first British TV series to be shot entirely in colour. For this series Gerry Anderson introduced us to the World Aquatic Security Patrol, (WASP) headed up by Commander Shore, who spoke those opening lines. Under his command was Captain Troy Tempset who piloted the futuristic atomic submarine “Stingray” with his radio/sonar operator “Phones” , also accompanying them on their missions was the ever silent  Marina the daughter of the undersea ruler Pacifica, a kingdom on the bed of the Pacific ocean. The series main villains were the Aquaphibians ruled over by Titan, the tyrannical overlord of Titanica.

Lois Maxwell, Moneypenny from the James Bond movies provided the voice of Atlanta Shore, Commander Shore’s daughter and the love interest for the James Garner  inspired Troy Tempest. Thirty nine half hour episodes were produced of this series.