Protectors Annual

The Protectors Annual 1974  Polystyle Publications Ltd

This Annual contained both text and strip stories. Both front and back cover were photographic, front cover showed Robert Vaughn lying on his side holding a gun. 3 smaller photos are at the bottom they are of (from left) Tony Anholt, Robert Vaughn (small shot of one covering the back cover) & Nyree Dawn Porter. Back cover has Robert Vaughn looking down at a dog. There are 2 cast photos in the top right corner.

Stories contained in annual:

Strip                                                                        Text

Win at any Price                                  Wearer Beware

The House on the Hill                         Blind Man’s Bluff

The Forest rebels                                  The Second fiddle

Missing Container

Annual also contained features on the stars.

This copy has been autographed by Tony Anholt.

Original Price 70p