Adam Adamant Annual 1968

Adam adamant AnnualAdam Adamant Annual 1968    TV Publications Ltd. 1967

An annual was produced for 1968, published by TV publications Ltd., being bound and printed by Purnell & Sons. It contained a mixture of text and strip stories. The front cover showed a photograph of Adam Adamant’s face framed by an oval. This is surrounded by 4 full-length drawings of him, one in each quarter. Adam Adamant is written in yellow at the top.

The  back  cover  shows  a  full-length photograph of Adam brandishing his swordstick, on  an  off-white  background. The spine is also off-white, with “ADAM ADAMANT annual 1968” in black. The BBC licensed this product in early 1967, as well as a comic strip, for TV Comic, also published by the same firm._MG_5517

Thomas Woodman wrote the stories, illustrations by Selby Donnison.

These stories were:


Escape of the Snake
Holiday for Spies
Train to Nowhere
Men from the Sea_MG_5518


The Mask of Terror
Caravan of Terror

This copy of the annual has been autographed by both Gerald Harper, and Jack May who played Adam Adamant and Simms respectively.

Adam adamant annual auto's

Original Price 10/6d

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