Adam Adamant Lives! BBC TV 1966-7

The basic premise of this series is that of an Edwardian gentleman and adventurer (Adam Adamant), who had been entombed in a block of ice by his arch enemy “The Face” in 1902. Upon his discovery in the present (1966), he is revived, enabling him to continue his adventuring. Finding his vast fortune still intact, he buys a penthouse overlooking the Thames. This he refurbishes with furniture from his own period. His only concession to the present day, is a Mini Cooper S, with the appropriate numberplate AA1000. This is housed in an underground garage, which has a private lift to his penthouse. Accompanied by his young companion Georgina Jones and with his ever-useful swordstick at his side, he embarks upon further adventures.

The character of Adam Adamant was played with great style, by Gerald Harper, while his youthful companion was Juliet Harmer. Of the other regulars, the part of Adam’s butler, Simms, was taken by Jack May, whose character spent much of the time quoting appropriate limericks to Adam. These quotes were especially written by Dick Vosburgh. Adam Adamant Lives !, was first broadcast on BBC 1, (First episode 22nd June 1966) usually on Saturdays at 9 p.m., in mid – 1966.

Two seasons were made, with 29 episodes in total. During it’s run it came close to toppling “The Avengers” crown, but although  Adam Adamant was popular, it was  never  re-commissioned, and thus finished. Interestingly this series was produced by Verity Lambert whose best known contribution to television, was as the first producer of Doctor Who. Very few items were released in connection with the series.