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Buccaneers TV picture Library

   The firm Pearson published several digest sized comics in its TV Picture Stories series. The first of those based on The Buccaneers was The Buccaneers: The Wasp which appeared in February of 1959. This was followed in March with The Buccaneers: The Gunpowder Plot. One more comic based on the series was published by Pearson in 1960. This was entitled The Buccaneers: Dead Man’s rock, which was published in Pearson’s larger American comic book size title TV Photo stories. As with all of the other Pearson titles these stories appear to have been based upon episodes of the same name within the television series.

Buccaneers Comic Book

   The publishing company Dell produced a comic based on the series in 1957, as no 800 in their four colour comic series. This featured a full length story Captain Dan Tempest. World Distributors Ltd. in the UK, under licence republished this comic as no 33 in their Movie Classic line the same year. This one shot comic adapts the first three episodes of the series abide altering the order slightly starting with the shows third episode, then recounting the earlier events as a flashback. 

Buccaneers sling Darts

   Transogram was also responsible for a “The Buccaneers Sling Dart Game”. This consisted of a target depicting four ships around a treasure chest, which could either be hung up or positioned with a stand, three suction tipped darts and a catapult or slingshot with which to fire the darts. This was sold in a bag with a header card and the target was produced from a  printed piece of hardboard, given the fancy name, ‘Masonite’. What was effectively the same toy was also sold by Transogram as The Buccaneers Sling Darts. The primary difference being the target was now formed from the cardboard backing board that the darts were sold on. This cardboard target depicted a single ship.

Buccaneers Board Game

   The American toy company Transogram, produced The Buccaneers board game in 1957. This game for up to 6 players featured a colourful board depicting the high seas with several islands and promoted itself as ‘a sea-faring game of adventure’.

Trading cards

   Snap card products Ltd. featured at least one card relating to the Buccaneers in a larger set of cards relating to various different series. Card 30 out of the set of 50 cards depicts George Margo in The Buccaneers. The set of 25 TV Personalities cards from Mister Softee featured Robert Shaw on card 22 in the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers Annual

An annual sized hardback book published by Adprint in the UK, and printed by LTA Robinson Ltd. Stories are adapted from the TV series by John Paton. The stories are illustrated mostly with black and white photographs from the series though the book also contains a smattering of colour photographs as well. There is no publication date given anywhere in this book but it probably dates from around 1958.