Man in a Suitcase ITC 1967-68

Richard Bradford played McGill in this ITC series of the late sixties. McGill was an ex CIA agent, now a freelance bounty hunter detective, etc. He would work for anybody willing to hire him, his fee $500 a day plus expenses.

McGill lived on the edge, his only real belongings the tools of his trade, a brown leather suitcase containing a gun and a change of clothing. He had been dismissed by the CIA, having been used as a pawn, being framed and discredited by his superiors. He had been forced to earn his living in the only way he knew how. A loner who relied upon no one, his was a world of treachery and betrayal. Very much an action series owing much to previous ITC series, also once again targeted at an American audience (unfortunately missing the target), by the use of an American in the lead role. Thirty episodes of the series were made to the standard “hour” long format (or should I say 50 minutes? It was ITV after all, – must fit in some adverts).

I have only been able to track down one item of merchandise for this series, which also seems to be one of the least known of the ITC series. In the UK the theme from this series has more recently become known as the theme for TFI Friday which was presented by Chris Evans, who now also uses the music for his breakfast radio show.

Associated Merchandise