Prisoner, The. ITC 1967

                The Prisoner is one of those sixties enigmas, a series that just won’t go away. It has a following equalled by few others, every atom of it’s meaning has been analysed and investigated, from every possible and conceivable angle. Where is the village? Who is number 6? Who is number 1? etc., etc. Apparently even a  psychology course has used the series as a basis. As for me, I really don’t care. This is it in a nutshell, no annulus, just the basics.

                An unnamed secret agent resigns. He is then abducted and taken to the    village. No one has a name, only a number, he is number 6. “I am not a number, I am a free man”. The following episodes concern No 6’s various escape attempts, and his desire to discover more about his captors and surroundings.

                The series was made to the hour-long format, with 17 episodes being produced. It was created by the series star, Patrick McGoohan, though the script   editor George Markstein, should also be credited for his contribution. Much speculation has always been made as to the identity of number 6, many including George Markstein maintain that he was John Drake, the character McGoohan had played in Dangerman. Though McGoohan himself has always denied this (I personally think No 6 was John Drake). Arguments like this are in reality pointless.

Ultimately the series was made as entertainment, and it should be regarded as such. Confusing, it may be, and it may challenge ways of thinking and even bring up psychological questions, but don’t lose sight of its entertainment value.

                “Be seeing you!”