Trading cards

   While the series did not get its own set of trading cards produced, five trading cards appeared in other sets that are of interest for the series Sword of Freedom. The cards come from three different larger sets featuring images from several different television series. In the ATV Snap trading card set published by Snap Card Products limited around 1960, one card in the set features Adrienne Corri and Edmund Purdom. This is card 36 out of a set of 50 cards.

   There are three cards of interest in the Who-z-at Star set published by A&BC gum in 1961. Card 12 features Edmond Purdom on the front, while card 51 features Martin Benson on its front with reference to Edmund Purdom on the back. The other card of interest is card 21 featuring the Peters’ sisters as Martin Benson is referenced on the rear of the card.

   The TV Personalities set from Mister Softee also featured a card showing Edmund Purdom in the series, this was card eight in the set, from a set of 25 cards.