Blakes 7 Annual 1980

Blakes 7 annual 1980Blakes 7 annual 1980 (2)World Distributors Ltd produced three Annuals for Blakes 7. Each contained text stories and features.

Blakes 7 Annual 1980

Front cover shows a drawing of the Liberator, with the Blakes 7 logo in the top left corner. Back cover shows two photos from the series on a red background, logo is in the top left corner. Spine is red, with both year and title of annual. Some copies of this annual do not have the year printed on the cover, copies like this are slightly rarer than the normal issue. In all other aspects they are identical. Contains both stories and features.

Stories and features contained :


Planet of No Escape

Museum Piece


A Task for Bondor

Red for Danger



Space Calling… Are you receiving me?

Federation Test Sheet

Space Facts

Lumps of the Lunar Landscape

Cygnus the Swan Constellation

Calling all Cals

Blake’s Space Scrapbook

A Numbered Spacecraft

Space Logbook

Planet of the ashen Light

All set for take-off

The Constellations

Blake’s Space Race

Original Price £1.75