Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons ITC 1967

                “The Mysterons sworn enemies of Earth, possessing the ability to recreate an exact likeness of an object or person. But first they must destroy! Leading the fight, one man fate has made indestructible, His name Captain Scarlet!”

These lines open what is probably one of Gerry Anderson’s finest Supermarionation offerings. Produced in 1967, it was his familiar style of puppet animation and model shots, (with some rather nifty usage of minic motorways sets and various model cars available at the time, in several episodes) Set 100 years into the future the Earth is now fighting a ‘war of nerves’ with the Mysterons.

The cause of this war is explained in the first of the 32 episodes, along with Captain Scarlet’s indestructibility. Earth’s first manned mission to Mars, a strange city is discovered, which probes the Martian exploration vehicle commanded by Captain Black of Spectrum. This probing is mistaken as a hostile attack and Captain Black opens fire destroying the Mysteron City, (Slight mistake there I think !) It is here that we first see the Mysterons power of reconstruction, as the City miraculously reforms before them. The Mysterons swear revenge for this unprovoked attack upon them and state that one amongst those who made the attack will become their weapon of vengeance upon the earth. So the unfortunate Captain Black is doomed to become a Mysteron agent charged with the destruction of what was once his home planet.  Captain Scarlet himself is recreated by the Mysterons in the first episode, but due to a freak occurrence the Mysteron control over him is broken, yet he remains indestructible as a result of this.

This was one of the most popular series to have been made by the Anderson studios, though it is a slight change of style from previous series. This is mainly in the approach to story lines, it is the first series from this studio in which people are seen to die. (Can Marionettes die?)

Also on occasions the Mysterons actually won. There was probably more merchandise issued for this series than for any of the other Anderson series.  Unfortunately to misquote the series, Captain Scarlet is indestructible the merchandise is not. Remember, do not try to imitate him, or you might break your SPV!

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