Blakes 7 BBC TV 1978-81

Set in the future, the Earth is now under the control of a corrupt Federation. Rij Blake has been found guilty of a series of crimes against children, for which the Federation framed him. He is to be transported to the convict planet Cygnus Alpha. On route, he escapes with other prisoners, on an abandoned alien vessel, called the Liberator. Along with his fellow crew he forms a small group of resistance fighters, “Blakes 7”. The original seven were Blake, Jenna, Avon, Vila, Gan, Cally, and Zen the ships computer.

This series was created by veteran writer Terry Nation, he had created the Daleks on Doctor Who, fifteen years previously, and held the very high production standards of most BBC science fiction series.( Wobbly sets & acting, the slate quarry, more commonly known as every planet in the galaxy etc.). The Last season of Blakes 7, was unusual, in that not only did Blake not appear for the most part of it, but also there were constantly less than seven. The series was first shown on Monday the second of  January 1978, and fast became very popular, with at one stage, ten separate fan clubs existing for it. Four seasons of 13 episodes apiece were made resulting in 52 episodes in total. The final episode on Monday the second of December 1981, was watched by over 10 million viewers, despite the fact it was being broadcast opposite Coronation Street.