The Avengers – Emma Peel Doll Fairylite 1966-67


_MG_5625                10-inch high plastic doll dressed in black plastic trousers, a short black woollen coat, black roll-neck sweater and black plastic boots. This came complete with a plastic base and a metal strut to support the doll when standing. Two further outfits for the doll were included. These were a pair of brown plastic trousers, a black wool pair of trousers, a white plastic tunic, a black plastic coat, a white plastic rain hat with black trim, also a pair of black mittens. This came in a yellow box, with black lettering, proclaiming “The Avengers Emma Peel Doll”, the box had a clear plastic window, through which the doll could be seen, holding a gun in its right hand. A small locating lug is in the palm of the right hand for connecting gun. This issue of the doll has also been seen with a white jumper and grey wool trousers.

                There is no manufacturers name on the box, the box is copywritten  ABC Television 1966, Having been made in Hong Kong, it is believed to have been produced by Fairylite, roundabout 1966-7. This is a nice item, (Though it looks nothing like Diana Rigg!) but it is extremely rare.

Original Price 19/11d

Approx equivalent 2012 –  £25.30

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