Sword of Freedom ITC 1959 – 61

   Another of ITV’s historical swashbuckling adventure series that were so popular on British television in the late fifties and early sixties. This one followed the adventures of Marco Del Monte (Edmund Purdom) a freedom-loving painter living in 15th century Florence, who as a skilled swordsman would defend the people of Florence against the tyrannical rule of the Medicis. The series ran for 39 episodes being produced by Sapphire Films for ITC. Other series regulars included the delightful Adrienne Corri as Angelica the reformed pickpocket, now Del Monte‚Äôs model, Rowland Bartrop as Sandro. While Martin Benson was a suitably devious Duke de Medici, with his chief advisor the duplicitous Machiavelli portrayed by Kenneth Hyde.


Known to exist, but not in the collection is an edition of the TV Times featuring the series on its front cover.