The Avengers Gift Set (GS 40) Corgi Toys 1966

_MG_5572This set contained two die-cast models, one being a red 1927 Bentley. (This was just a further re-use of the Corgi classics moulding.) The normal issues contain a red Bentley with black mudguards and silver or gold spoked wheels.  Also in this set was a white Lotus Elan S2, This had an opening bonnet, tipping seats and sliding windows. The Bentley had a bowler hatted driver, pertaining to be Steed, while Mrs. Peel was represented by a free-standing  figure  dressed  in  white.  Finally,  also  contained in the set, were three small black plastic umbrellas.

_MG_5573                The two cars were based on those used in the series by Steed and Mrs. Peel. The Bentley, though of a type typical of the ones Steed drove, is incorrect, not only in its colour (Steed always drove green Bentleys), but in that it is a 3 litre 1927   Bentley, whereas the one driven by Steed was a 4 1/2 litre 1927 Bentley (Reg: YT3942).  Several different Bentleys were used in the course of the show, but this is the one the model is closest to.

                Emma Peel’s Lotus, on the other hand, is incorrect only in colour, as the one used in the series was powder blue. This is however forgivable, in that at this time, the first Emma Peel season was shot in black and white, and it is known that in this system pale blue, shows up as being whiter than white actually does. (This being the case, it is also known that the earliest  Tardis consul, in Doctor Who, was pale blue in colour.)

Original Price 16/11d

Approx equivalent 2012 –  £25.90

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