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Look In 1971 Issue 21 Randall and Hopkirk cover

Look In comic issue 21 of 1971. Dated 29th May 1971.

This issue of the junior TV times features: Crowther in trouble, On the buses, Please Sir,  Lift off with Ayshea, Timeslip, Survival, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Freewheelers,   World of sport, How, Bright’s Boffins. Also a feature on TV Crimbusters including Hawaii Five-0, The saint, The Baron, Randall and Hopkirk (deceased), Department S.

Original price 5p



TV Times 1972-3 Dec 30 / Jan 5

TV listings magazine from 1972/3 features many popular TV shows of the period. Programmes this week included. Arthur of the Britons (With guest appearance of Mike Pratt from Randall and Hopkirk), Stingray, Hogan’s Heroes, The Adventures of Black Beauty, Public Eye, The Persuaders, Land of the Giants, The saint. Feature on Nyree Dawn Porter of the Protectors.
Original Price 5p