The Avengers Annual ( © 1967. No year shown on cover)


This was the first annual to be produced.  It was published by Souvenir press Ltd in association with Atlas Publishing. It is the only one of the Avengers annuals to feature Emma Peel. The annual contained features, with both text and strip stories.

The front cover shows  Steed and Emma fighting with two assailants on a stone stairway. The back cover is yellow. Of the three annuals produced, this is nicest containing  behind the scenes photos from some of the classic Emma Peel Stories.

The stories contained were written by Peter Leslie and illustrated by John Stokes.                The Stories and Features Contained :

Text Stories

Double Trouble

A Race against Time

Sunset in the East

A Question of Intelligence

Strip Stories

Odds against Steed

Flying Eagles

Steed’s Holiday

A Brush with Disaster


Meet the Stars of The Avengers

The Avengers Props

They fly through the air with the Greatest of Ease

Behind the Men Behind the Scenes

John Steed’s Sword Stick

Spy Kit

Cars of Distinction

Original Price 10/6d