The Avengers Annual (© 1968. No year on cover)


This was the second annual to be issued by Atlas Publishing, and the first to feature Tara King.  The cover is red, with a head and  shoulders drawing of Steed. Two smaller drawings of Tara  and Steed are below this. Both the front and back covers are the same. Once again it contained a mixture of stories and features.  Stories and features contained :

 Text Stories

All the Fun of the Fair, Mr Steed

Mensa Sana, and All That

Avast There, Mr Steed

Strip Stories

Clothes Make the Man

Are You a Clansman, Mr Steed?

Mary, Mary


Allow me to introduce my new colleague

Recipes for Realism

What’s an Objet Retrouve

Looking at Linda

Psst! There’s a man in my Wardrobe!

Hidden Helps


Original Price 10/6d