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Toy Cars (Die-cast)

Toy cars relating to the series.


Action figures and accessories.

Action figures produced for the show.

Toy Guns etc

Toy guns and Gun sets etc. produced for the show.


Jigsaws and Puzzles produced for the show.

Man From U.N.C.L.E – Spy Magic Tricks Gilbert 1965

                A very basic children’s magic set repackaged to have a spy theme, (a similar set was also re-branded as a James Bond Magic set) contained some of the favorite tricks like the money converter. 7 tricks were included all with the word ‘Affair’ added to the name of the item, Contained are The Baffling THRUSH Card Affair, The Astonishing Magic Money Affair, The Incredible Mystery Gun Affair (The only thing incredible about it is how anyone could ever be fooled by it.),The Puzzling Spy Tag Affair, The Strange Lie Detector Affair, The Odd Vanishing Key Affair and the Amazing X-Ray Scope Affair. I could elaborate more on these wondrous feats of magic, but why should I get thrown out of the magic circle for revealing tricks, go to joke shop down the road and buy them yourself. You’ll get the same tricks for a lot less than buying this set nowadays.

Original Price $2.99

Approx equivalent 2012 –  $21.80

Man From U.N.C.L.E – U.N.C.L.E. Board Game Ideal 1965

                Box lid shows a photo of Napoleon Solo, with an illustrated background of an exploding computer complex. To the left are two men fighting, while to the right is a young lady who appears to be tied up. Illya is central running towards the men fighting, whilst Solo is stood in a doorway at the rear. Game play of this is rather dull, the object being for players to successfully capture a THRUSH agent that matches their assignment card, and return to base with him.

Original Price $2.19

Approx equivalent 2012 –  £15.90