Sapphire & Steel ATV 1979-82

This started life as a proposed half-hour special for children but quickly developed into an adult science fiction series. It was created by Peter J Hammond, and ran to 34 episodes, amounting to 6 different adventures over the shows 4 year span .

Sapphire & Steel is an unusual series in that no one ever quite knows who or where the heroes come from, or possibly what the heroes are even. All the back ground information that is ever given to the viewer is that time is trying to break through, and any irregularities in time will be dealt with, by Sapphire & Steel. To quote the shows opening  “Sapphire & Steel have been assigned”.

These characters appear to be only two of a much larger number of time detectives, (For want of a better term), as on occasions others of their sort appear, Lead and Silver. Strange as this series is it is well worth hunting out and did contain some very entertaining episodes, though some stories do seem (to this viewer at least) from a trifle too much padding.

Sapphire was played by the ever lovely Joanna Lumly, whilst Steel was the incomparable  David McCallum.

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