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Bravo Magazine 1968 no 33

German TV listing magazine.  As well as television listings , this magazine was and still is more of a gossip magazine. Famous in Germany for their popular Star Schnitt photographs. Each issue contained part of a larger photograph which when all were collected made a close to life size image of a famous person.  Diana Rigg feature, cutout model of the Pondarosa from Bonanza.






John Drake German magazine Large 69

Danger Man John Drake Mag Three bound eds 69   This seems to be a weekly german magazine, each issue features a new Danger Man story, though an often unrelated picture from an entirely different film or Tv series normally appears on the cover. Bound edition featuring issues 249, 250, and 251. All dating from 1968, with an additional over cover. This features the openning scene from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which points to this bound edition being from 1969 .Danger Man John Drake Mag (69) 249 Danger Man John Drake Mag (69) 250 Danger Man John Drake Mag (69) 251