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Radio Times 1963 Jan 12 – 18

BBC TV Listings magazine for Jan 12 – 18th 1963. Contains listing for many classic TV shows of the period.
This issue contains:
Two page Z cars text story.
Features on Steptoe & son, The Rag Trade, Lance Percival(TW3), Patrick Troughton (Pre-Dr Who).
Listings include: Z Cars, Steptoe & Son, Perry Mason, The Rag Trade, Compact,TW3, Dixon of Dock Green, Laramie, The lucy Show (Lucile Ball), Blue Peter.

Z Cars Board Game

Board Game Issued by Waddington’s games around 1970. Quality of this game compared to other games by this firm is very poor and cheep. Also game appears to be unlicensed with references to the TV series being limited to a biography of the shows writers inside the box lid. A fine example of how to tie a product to a particular TV show without having to pay any licensing fees. 

1965 Television Show Book

Annual sized book contains features and photographs of TV shows around at the time.

Dr Kildare
Burke’s Law
The Beatles
Danger Man
Beverly Hillbillies
The Fugitive
Z Cars
No Hiding Place
Ben Casey
Suger Foot
The Dakotas
The Saint
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Gideon’s Way
Emergency Ward 10
Coronation Street
The Human Jungle
77 Sunset Strip
Route 66
The Avengers

David Tomlinson / Richard Vernon Autograph

Autographed photograph from an episode of  “Playhouse” entitled “A Friend Indeed” dating from 1973. Produced by Anglia TV.  

David Tomlinson was best known as Mr Banks in Mary Poppins, he did very little TV work mostly working in Disney movies, he did guest however in an episode of Hawaii Five-0.

 While Richard Vernon was possibly best known as the planetary designer Slartibartfast (designer of fjords) in the BBC radio and TV series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He had small roles in both the James Bond movie Goldfinger. The Intelligence Men with Morecambe and wise, and guest starred in The Avengers, The Saint, Department S, William Tell, Emergency Ward 10, No Hiding Place, Hadleigh, Dixon of Dock Green, Maigret, Z cars, U.F.O., The Persuaders, The Adventurer, to name just a few of his many appearences. 

Radio Times 6th February 1970 Doomwatch cover

Popular BBC TV listings magazine. This issue features a Cover and feature for the new drama series Doomwatch. While also this week Z cars celebrates it’s 300th episode and is covered in a three page article on the series. This weeks Doctor Who episode is part 2 of the Silurians featuring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.

Original price 9d

Crimebusters LP

The power pack Orchestra on MFP/EMI records MFP 5768. Published in 1986.

Side 1)
Cagney and Lacey
Miami Vice
Scarecrow and Mrs King
The Gentle Touch
Miss Marple
Remington Steele
Hart to Hart
Mike Hammer
Highway Patrol

Side 2
Crazy like a fox
Murder she wrote
Juliet Bravo
The Sweeney
The Chinese Detective
The Fall Guy
The Bill
Z cars

Barlow on Trial Paperback

Paperback book published by Consul Books (Part of World Distributors Ltd) in 1965, based on the TV series Z Cars. This original novel is entitled “Barlow on Trial” and is written by Ian Kennedy Martin.

Original Price 3/6d

Radio Times November 20- 26th 1971

Dixon of Dock Green cover feature to this 1960’s issue of the British television guide contains details and listings for many different television shows of the period.
Shows being broadcast this week included: Dixon of Dock Green, Steptoe and Son, Alias Smith and Jones, Z cars, Star Trek, Softly Softly. There is also a large feature on Dixon of Dock green in this issue.
Original Price 5p

Top Tv Themes LP Embassy

James Wright and his Orchestra Embassy Records WLP6076 Published 1965
Side 1)
High Wire (Danger Man)
Dick Van Dyke theme
Doctor Who
Carlos Theme (Sentimental Agent)
Gideon’s Way
Side 2)
How Soon ( The Richard Boone show)
The Ballard of Jed Clampett (Beverley Hillbillies)
Our Man at St Marks
Z cars
Dr Kildare
Coronation Street

Television Show Book (c) 1964

Television Show Book (c) 1964.

Dust Jacket shows the Beatles.

Contents include  photo’s and features on the Beatles, Burkes Law, G.S.5, No Hiding Place, Danger Man, Z cars, Emergency Ward 10, Beverly Hillbillies, The Saint, The Avengers, Dr Kildare, The Human Jungle.

Original Price 10/6d